Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spring Review - A Threeway is Never Enough

Erin, PJ, and Erin added another ring to their tree trunk.

The classiest four people to share a garage.

I had someone taking a photo of me taking a photo of Glen taking a photo, but their camera exploded from the paradox.

Ain't no party like a Beagle party.

A classy lady; an elegant host.

Err, did I say classy?

Big Country could give lessons to Cool Hand Luke.

It's really hard to just stop with three beautiful ladies.

Especially when they have these kinds of talents.

Spring Review - Acoustic music? In MY coffee shop??

My best friend Ben played a gig in Williamsburg at Aromas.

The redder the face, the harder the rock.

Here's the Lisa that I had shipped in from Namibia especially for this night.

Matt and Duncan: Gentlemen Extraordinaire

Last song. It was a Bombs over Baghdad sing-along. Actually, I don't remember what it was.

Spring Review - Two Month Anniversary of Camille's Birthday

In fact, Camille's birthday should happen every month.

A beard of talent; a beard of vigor.

Just 2 guys and we're having a good time

This cupcake got obliterated two seconds later. I may have helped that, but I plead the Fifth.

Excitement? Or brainlust? You make the call!

Spring Review - One Saturday

You know, a blog post is like fine wine. It gets better with age.

I went on a walk one Saturday from my place to the farmers market, to Riverview nursery, to a kitschy antique shop, to Decorum, Total Wine, and finally home.

A neat little architectural styling from one of the old industrial places off of Church St.

A duck couple chilling in one of the ponds at Riverview Garden Center

An awesome print at the Antique shop. This really caught my eye and turned into a gift for Camille.

There was lots more awesome knick knacks there but I started to feel like a dork after taking so many photos.

And to wrap my day up, I discover even mundane things can end up beautiful with the right lighting.